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Samsung's got quite a reputation with its improbably slim cellphones, and now it turns its expertise on the L77, a midrange point-and-shoot that it's calling the "world's thinnest 7-megapixel camera." No wonder it's called L77, because along with that 7-megapixel CCD, it has an unusually long 7x optical zoom as well. But the big news is its thin profile—just 21mm wide—and even with its diminutive size, it's still able to accommodate a 2.5 inch viewscreen on the back.


Too bad there's no optical image stabilization on board, just Samsung's ASR (advanced shake reduction) which is just boosting up the ISO number for faster shutter speeds. Samsung didn't announce the price of L77 yet, but said it will be shipping in April.

Samsung Cameras unveils the L77 [DP Review]

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