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Pics have surfaced of the Samsung M610 handset, along with a precious few details. It's a slimmed-down replacement of Samsung's A900 clamshell, and thin it is—at just 12mm deep it's still able to pack lots of techno inside.

Looks like it's stoked for tunes with a pair of stereo speakers, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), a slot for a microSD flash memory card, and it even gets to keep Samsung's user interface instead of its predecessor's lame Sprint UI. Samsung's also added a OLED external display.


This looks like a worthy candidate to fight the battle against the Razr juggernaut, fighting over who will be Prom Queen of the thinness derby. But look out everybody—here comes Apple. No pricing or availability info was forthcoming yet.

Samsung M610: Pictures & New Details [PCS Intel]

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