Samsung: "No Need" For 3D Cell Phones, But Good Luck With Them Anyway

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Samsung's head of product management in its UK mobile division has gone on record as saying the company has no plans to battle rival LG in the 3D cell phone sector. There's no point or demand and it makes phones needlessly thicker. That's the summary. Here are his actual words:

"We are world leaders in 3D, but we haven't seen a need for 3D on mobiles as yet ... we just don't see [3D] is needed yet—good luck to the innovators though, it will be interesting to see if it works, and if it does you'll see a response from Samsung quickly"


So no plans, but it will hastily knock one together should LG's Optimus 3D explode. [Techradar]

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As much as I want to say that 3D is a shitty fad, the reality, at least the way I see it, is that it's more about poor implementation than a poor concept. Who knows how good 3DTV's will be in the future. If it's developed so we can view 3D without glasses, would we still be as opposed to it? One of the most frequent complaints I read or hear whenever that discussion comes up is the necessity to wear glasses, and in the case of home-based 3D, having to wear expensive glasses. I guess the trick is a matter of making it look better, getting rid of separate accessories and hardest of all, making it less laborious to look at for any extended period of time. Even when I watched Avatar, which is currently one of the best examples of 3D used in cinema, there's a considerable amount of strain after sitting there for a few hours.

In the case of 3D phones, what is really the point? The meager real estate makes it more of some bullet point gimmick than anything else.