Samsung NX10 Gets Real, New NX Series Camera Format and All

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The compact Samsung NX10 is official this evening, with many if not all of the features we saw leaked in December making the final cut in time for some hands-on time at CES.

If you missed the fanfare in December, here's a recap:

Samsung's goal with the NX series was to introduce a DSLR-sized sensor, in this case APS-C, that's actually a bit larger than the one found in Micro Four Thirds. Then they went and put that sensor in a mirror-less, interchangeable lens body that's smaller than a traditional DSLR, and... If this is giving anyone déjà vu, it's probably because this is the same idea behind the aforementioned Micro Four Thirds camera format.


Also making it into the final body are 720p HD video functionality (H.264 codec) and a 3.0-inch AMOLED viewscreen in the rear:

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Samsung, by way of a press release sent to Gizmodo, claimed the AMOLED screen has a response rate that's 10,000 times faster than a conventional LCD. All this with a promised lower power consumption and higher contrast ratio at 10,000:1.

A few more of the specs, provided by Samsung:

View Finder - Electronic viewfinder
Movie - 720p HD (MP4. H.264)
Size & Weight - 4.8" x 3.4" x 1.6" (excluding the projecting parts of the camera) .78 lbs (without battery and card)
ISO - 100 - 3200
Flash - Built-in Pop-up Flash
OIS - Lens Shift
Dust reduction - Supersonic Type
Special Features - APS-C sized image sensor, 3.0" AMOLED, Smart Range, HDMI (Anynet +), Fast &, Decisive Contrast AF, New DRIMe II Pro engine and advanced AF algorithm
Availability - Spring 2010


The body comes in black and also Titan Silver, a color we didn't know about before. Maybe the new color will make Matt change his mind about the looks. Probably not.

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Michael Scrip

And the mirror box is gone. Yippee for electronic viewfinders.

Sorry... I like looking *through* the lens to see the real world... not a bunch of pixels.

There are other cameras like this... the Panasonic GH1. But, for me, if it looks like an SLR, I want it to perform like an SLR. And that means a mirror to look through the lens.

They made the body thinner by removing the mirror box.... yet it's still a big honkin' camera because of the lens. So, what's the point? You're still gonna use a shoulder strap to carry it...