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Samsung is the new Sony: Constantly pumping out new formats the world doesn't need, like their Hybrid NX cameras seen at PMA, apparently finalized in the NX 10 here. Here's the problem with it:


The idea of the NX series is dandy—a DSLR-sized sensor (APS-C-sized, supposedly, so it's bigger than the ones in Micro Four Thirds cameras) in a smaller body than DSLRs, since it does away with the the whole single-lens reflex system that makes DSLRs so damn big. If that sounds familiar, that's because it's the same concept as Micro Four Thirds.


The issue is that the lens mount for Samsung's NX, at least for now, is exclusive to the NX camera, so lenses you buy will only work with it. Micro Four Thirds might be a young format, but at least your lenses will work on cameras from a couple of different manufacturers, ones that are camera vets. There's an ecosystem there. Samsung's an amateur. I admit, an alliance with Pentax like the NX20 could make the idea a lot more appealing, but until it happens—or until I see some mindblowing pictures produced by it—not so sure I can get behind this one. (It'd also be cool to see them get behind Micro Four Thirds, to make that format even stronger.)

Oh, and the NX10 is hideous. [DP Review Forums via engadget]

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