Samsung OLED TVs in 2009

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Samsung SDI has just made a bold assertion about OLED technology: TVs and monitors will be using the tech just next year, and it will be in flexible displays by 2010. And Samsung's putting its money where its mouth is by doubling Active Matrix OLED production capacity from 1.5 to 3 million panels per year by 2009. At that point economies of scale kick in, so the plan is production doubling again by 2010. There're a couple of hurdles to overcome, though: high power consumption is a big challenge. And with giants like Sony and Sharp getting into bed with each other for LCD production, the competition is going to be interesting. [Digitimes]




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Yes, OLED is indeed THEORETICALLY supposed to have lower power consumption. In practice, they just haven't gotten there yet: remember Sony's 11" OLED? That thing consumes 45 watts. That's about the same as a 20" LCD. That is not low power.

The really funny (sad) thing was that sony advertised it as something like "45 W low power consumption"...and all the blogs (gizmodo included) parroted the hype, saying it was a low-power device.

Indeed, we are all waiting for OLED to meet its low power potential.