Samsung P9000 UMPC PDA Thingie Ma-bob

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It is hard to accurately place this device into a specific category. At the Mobile WiMAX Summit, Samsung recently unveiled this convergence device that is like a PDA, UMPC and regular computer all rolled folded into one. The P9000 can fold away into a nice one-pound package, and unfold to unveil an almost full-size QWERTY keyboard and LCD. It is powered by Windows XP and includes WiMAX and CDMA EV-DO for connectivity. Overall it is a pretty unique device, but I am in no hurry to toss out my laptop and PDA for this. I'd hate to be "that guy." You know, the person that pulls out the crazy PDA or laptop at a meeting just so people will stare at it and ask questions.


Samsung SPH-P9000 Wimax PDA puts UMPCs to shame [newlaunches]


Lance Wallen

I have a fold out keyboard for my lifedrive that looks a lot like that. I already 'am' that guy.

I'm waiting on a UMPCLite type device that comes with a GOOD qwerty thumb board, wifi, highspeed cellular (I don't really care what flavor as long as its highspeed :p ) a processor that doesnt bog with an IM and a browswer window running, some basic text editing and email compatibility.

Is that too much to ask?

I don't really need a mobile PC, I need something with net access no matter where I am that I can check the internet on, IM, email, and update webpages. That last requirement and the first generally kill most mobile devices for me. I don't like watered down 'mobile' browsers, I want something with a decent enough screen that I can view most webpages in their native form.