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We've been patiently waiting for laptops to come out with solid state, flash-based hard drives for ages and it looks like Samsung will be the first company to offer such an item. The first laptop to feature a flash-based hard drive, the Q30SSD sports 32GB of storage capacity and is available right now in South Korea. Compared to traditional hard drives, the solid state hard drive found in the Q30SSD is smaller, faster and runs cooler. It retails for around $3,700, so early adopters will be forced to pay a premium. But you knew that already.

It's clear that the industry wants to move toward such flash-based hard drives and it's probably better for consumers in the long run (no moving parts = less chance of a catastrophic system crash at the absolute worst possible time). Now we just need to wait a little while for prices to drop, then we can swoop and enjoy the benefits.


Samsung First To Release NAND Powered Notebooks [SlashGear]

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