Samsung Shape M7 Wireless Speaker: A Sonos by Any Other Name...

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This is the Samsung Shape M7 wireless speaker, a $400 streaming device that lets you play music all over your home or office. It looks like a Sonos, smells like a Sonos, is priced like a Sonos. All that's left is to find out if it sounds like one, too.

The Shape—which features a foam-core woofer, CNT pulp cone mid-range speakers, and silk dome tweeters—works like the wireless speakers you're already familiar with. It lets you stream music from an app on your phone or tablet. But to sync your music across various rooms of your house you'll also need a $50 piece of hardware called the Samsung Hub, which is just like the Sonos Bridge.

You can play tunes from your own music library, as well as from Amazon, Pandora, Rhapsody, and a few other services, but sorry—no Spotify or Rdio at the moment. So while it isn't exactly Sonos—a product that offers a lot more content options—it is very strikingly similar. [The Verge]