Samsung to Install Mobile Charging Stations at JFK

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If you do any kind of air travel you may already know, if not, take a gander back a couple months ago and it is apparent that there aren't enough power outlets in airports to accommodate for all of the gadgets and gear folks carry around. Samsung is doing something about this by installing mobile charging stations around JFK airport in New York City. Each station will have four electrical outlets. Samsung plans on having 50 stations up in JFK airport by the end of the month and stations set up in every terminal by the end of the year.

There is no charge to use the stations. Samsung is providing the power stations free of charge "in celebration of the company's tenth anniversary of U.S. operations," but you have to believe that each station is plastered with Samsung ads and there is probably bonus energy awarded to people charging Samsung products (not really). No word if Samsung plans to do this in other airports, but lets hope. Image via NYT


Samsung Provides JFK Travelers with Mobile Recharging [Via Gridskipper]

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I can vouch that outlests are NOT available wherever you need it at most airports. At ATL, you have to unplug an electric trash can to get power - the rest of the outlets are shut off! At least ORD has a few laptop charging stations - I forget who sponsors them but I don't think it's Samsung.