Samsung U750's Dynamic Keypad Takes It Two Ways

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The U750 is your standard free-on-contract feature phone—except for one thing: when the dual-flip-action display is rotated and folded into landscape mode, the keypad buttons switch assignments (and looks!) to create a QWERTY layout. Witchcraft!


Rather than just stamping two decals on each button like it did with the same-shaped U740, Samsung opted to put some kind of display technology into its keypad. But what? Phonearena optimistically speculates that they keys could be e-ink, but that's and expensive and unlikely possibility. Plus, the folding design makes e-ink's power-saving properties more or less pointless, since they keypad will only be in use when the phone is engaged. Theories?

Badged with the Alias2 carrier name, this little weirdo is coming to Verizon at some point in the near future. [Phoneareana]

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My money's on some kind of dual-backlight system to switch up the key labels.