Samsung Ultra Music Phone Re-Branded "Upstage"

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Sprint's dual-screen Ultra Music phone is launching at CTIA this week, but in addition to a new coat of paint, it will also be carrying a new, unfortunately lame moniker: "UpStage." Overwrought branding aside, I dug it quite a bit back at CES, and think it's one of the better music phones on the market, so it's definitely worth checking out when it hits Sprint stores.


Flash demo [via Engadget]

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The UpStage is indeed a very bad name, but I can see this phone being popular. It would be more popular if the screen on th phone side was bigger, or better yet if it had a cover or something. the moment you set this thing down its going to get one screen scratched up, and hopefully the backlight will be powerful enough so you dont see those scratches ;) This is actually one of my favorite phones next to samsungs other one, the 520 something and it is a good thing it has a SIM card slot: I can use it here in mexico for 30 bucks to unlock it and get a new card. like Cleverboy said, the front screen is way too small and that is the one serious letdown: how could you use a screen that small to do anything? the screen on my phone is better-sized, and mines a $25 phone (at retail price not discounts. we dont have those here, you just buy a phone and pay as you go)