Samsung Ups T9's Capacity From 2GB to 8GB

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Samsung plans to upgrade the YP-T9's storage capacity from 2GB to 8GB. Of course, we couldn't tell you when this is likely to happen, but odds are we'll find out more once CES rolls around in the second week of January. We also couldn't tell you exactly which model of the T9 is going to see the storage upgrade, the one with Bluetooth or the one without. (Us lowly Americans only have the non-Bluetooth model here.)

Our resident whip cracker Brian gave the T9 a thorough feel-up a few weeks back and mainly came away impressed, but also felt that there was too many buttons and some of the more touted features (FM radio, voice recording) may only appeal to a small number of people. It doesn't look like Samsung will address these issues with this next incarnation of the T9, but hopefully they will soon enough.


8 GB Samsung YP-T9 coming soon + Win a 2 GB T9 []

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