Samsung YP-K5 Ad Goes After The iPod

The Samsung YP-K5 MP3 player with built-in speakers that we reviewed and saw someone run over has its own ad now, just like a big boy music player.


Directly challenging the iPod, the ad focuses on using built-in speakers to connect people instead of separating them—one of the main complaints of street iPod use. Except how happy will you be when some ass is listening to their YP-K5 on the bus when you're trying to get some sleep? Yeah, that's what we thought.

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ARRRRGGHHH... this product makes me want to kill.

NO, I do NOT want to listen to your crappy ass music any more than you want to listen to MY crappy ass music. Those glass bowls are there for our mutual protection!

With Ghettoblastres, at the very least you had to bring an enourmous box around with you.