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Samsung's Best New TVs Beat Apple to the Voice (And Face!) Recognition Game (Updated)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Samsung's long made some of (if not the) best HDTVs—and now that they're all decked out with 3D and apps, what's left? Beautiful, slim TVs that'll use your voice and face as controls. Apple just got jumped.

While it's not fair to directly compare the Samsung UNES8000 LED (left) and PNE8000 Plasma (right) TVs to a product that doesn't exist yet, it's pretty exciting to see the company deliver on concepts we've been dreaming about from Apple. Both highest of the high end models will sport built-in cameras through Kinect-style motion control, facial recognition, and (drumroll) voice commands, to control the TV's settings and internal apps (including Kinect-y fitness exercises). We'll have to wait until we're standing in front of these beauties before we can attest to how well this body control works, but the attempt itself is promising.

Beyond the arm-wavey action, the sets themselves are typically gorgeous: extremely thin silver bezels, a graceful swooping U-base on the LED set, and a classy x-foot on the plasma. Both are 3D (of course), and process your picture with a dual-core CPU. They look like alien princesses. And both will likely be as expensive as they look—we'll give you pricing and availability info as soon as we can.


Update: Turns out it's not that great.