Samsung's Not-So-Mysterious New Windows Phone 7 Handset

We've become acquainted with Windows Phone 7 handsets from Asus and LG, but during this morning's demo, we saw a new one from Samsung. So, what do we know about this—or any—of the handsets we've seen so far?


Not much! We know that it probably conforms to Microsoft's minimum requirements for Windows Phone 7, which means: a multitouch screen WVGA screen; an accelerometer; 5-megapixel camera; FM radio; 256MB of RAM; 8GB of internal storage. Internally, it has to be roughly the same phone as the other two we've seen.

Externally, it's nearly indistinguishable from the Omnia HD, which we reviewed back in August:


At the time, this phone was a piece of hardware pornography with a disappointing UI. With Windows Phone 7, though, anyone would have to give it a second look. Here's a thought, though: We know that Microsoft is clamping down on what it considers acceptable hardware for Windows Phone 7, and we've talked about what that means in broad terms. But what about hardware lust? The iPhone's done a great deal to take people's focus away from hardware, and phones like the Pre ride on their features, not their spec sheets. So I guess the hardcore hardware nerds will be stuck with Android now? [Slashgear]

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