Samsung's Sci-Fi Visions of Future Phones

Gary Cutlack -Gizmodo UK

Samsung’s put together a sci-fi vision of the mobile phones of the future, showing us fold-out models, bendy tech, weird orange things and wearable sensors that scan our bodies to see if we’re unwell. We’d settle for a battery that could last more than a day.

The video, shown off by Samsung strategy chief Young Sohn at the MobileBeat conference, shows that Samsung thinks health monitoring will be a big thing in the future, with the concept clip demonstrating some sort of disposable, clip-on tool that somehow manages to check the health of the wearer.


While it’s clever, and that fold-out phone would get us 10/10 excited, it all looks a bit silly and unlikely to happen, especially when Samsung’s main innovation in the more mundane and practical real world is adding an extra inch to the size of the screens every 12 months. [YouTube via AllThingsD]

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