Samsung's Wonky New Laptop Designs

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Two new Samsung laptops debuting in the UK are incredibly cool-looking. The M70 has a detachable 19-inch widescreen LCD display (Samsung says it's the first of its kind, though I can't be absolutely sure), so you can just take the body of the laptop if you're going somewhere that you can plug in the unit's body to another display. That'll help with portability. And of course, on the other hand, you can also attach the 19-inch display to a home PC as well. Other features of the M70 include a nVidia Geforce Go 6600 graphics subsystem, LCD docking cradle, four USB ports, full-sized keyboard and the latest Intel Centrino mobile processor chip.

The X1 is also new and extremely light and slim. It's got a top-loading optical disc drive, and the keyboard location makes it easier to tote around with its 14-inch widescreen LCD display. It weighs about 4 pounds and includes includes DVI-out as well as a SRS Sound System, 'Wide Speakers' and PC Card-sized remote control.


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