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San Diego Floating Airport Would Be A City Of Its Own

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

San Diego is in desperate need of an new airport, but no one wants it near their land. The so-obvious-that-you'll-slap-your-forehead solution? Don't build it on land, the ocean's right there. There's even a plan, but it's more than an airport.

The basic concept has been done in other places, but the idea for San Diego's solution comes from a guy named Adam Englund, and it's definitely not just a floating airport. It's an entire $20 billion business plan. He's dreamed up an airport on an "oil rig -style floating platform" with four stories of space, a total of 200 million square feet of it, which could be used for hotels, restaurants, even universities. An entire floating city.

It sounds insane, but apparently in initial reviews, Englund's plan lacks any "fatal flaws." I'd consider the absence of $20 billion a fatal flaw, but the man's a bigger optimist than I. [Infrastructurist via Stoke Report]