SanDisk CF 5000 Industrial Grade Memory

Has SanDisk gone bonkers, run out of ideas, or is there actually a need for a product like this? Today, SanDisk has announced its CompactFlash 5000 series. These cards are industrial grade, and it is even printed on the actual card, so it has to be true. The cards will be available in sizes from 512MB up to 8GB and have write speeds of 30MB per second, which is pretty fast. The cards are also constructed out of higher-grade materials to prevent the wear and tear that CF cards usually endure. This isn't an excuse to let your CF 5000 card double as a dog toy, but rest assured that it will be able to withstand the rigors of your everyday CF usage. These cards will be able this summer.

SanDisk Compact Flash Card is Industrial Grade [MobileMag]


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