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SanDisk is trying to take on the DAP market with their Sansa e200 MP3 Player. A very nice-looking player, it's got that thin form factor everybody is nuts about right now and comes in three sizes: 6GB, 4GB, and 2GB using microSD. This caters to a broader range of people who may not need 2GB but want 4GB or need 6GB and want a small player. The e200 has a 1.8" TFT color screen that looks pretty good and does video and image playback for your viewing pleasure. Oh yeah, audio too. The e200 series allows you to replace its lithium ion battery, too, in case you want to carry a spare around for those long trips. It's priced accordingly, to combat the iPod Nano at $200 for the 2 GB, $250 for the 4 GB, and $300 for the 6 GB model. Expect it at the end of March this year.

SanDisk Announces iPod Nano Fighter At CES [Live Digitally]


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