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The same guys that are currently pushing dozens of memory card formats down our throats are now telling us they have invented the "new digital film." It'll be a read-only write-once memory card capable of archiving your pics for 100 years. SanDisk is keeping hush about the project, only saying that it'll rely on "3D memory" and it'll come out mid 2007. I'm not sold on the new format though. Here's why...

Sure they're trying to make it easier to store your pics and eliminate the need for a PC in the process, but if it's easier to just load your pics onto your hard drive, why spend money (even if it's a little) on a new memory format (that you could easily lose)? Till I hear more details, I'll just continue dumping them on my HDD.


SanDisk to Replace Flash in Photography [Reg Hardware via PC Mag]

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