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How does 6-megapixels of water-resistant digital fun sound? Sanyo hopes you're saying, "sounds like lots of fun!" because their Xacti CA6 looks like it cost them a little bit in the R&D department. Besides being water-resistant, which is a nice plus if you find that your camera is always getting splashed when taking those once-in-a-lifetime, oh-so-perfect shots, the Xacti CA6 is a fairly standard digital camera. It can record MPEG movies up to a resolution of 640x480 pixels, which if I remember correctly, was the resolution of my desktop only a few years ago.

The Xacti CA6 stores pictures and video on SD memory cards and has a 5x optical zoom along with a less useful 12x digital zoom. The camera's 2-inch LCD screen should also be sufficient for underwater exploits and trips to the local fireworks factory.


When it's released, it should be around $400.

Product Page [Sanyo via Popgadget]

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