Sanyo's Massage Chair Knows Where It Hurts

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Sanyo showed off this "zero gravity" massage chair at CES, and it isn't your pappy's Brookstone massage chair. It's got "intelligent Stiffness Detection Sensor technology," figuring out where your body needs some TLC by checking changes in your pulse rate and where you're sweating the most. They claim it's very similar to galvanic skin response technology used in lie detectors.


If you're so stressed out that you require this much fancy technology to massage you after a long day at work, might I suggest a career change?

Massage Chairs [Sanyo]



Massage chairs like this are great. I've used two different models for a while and it beats a petit woman walking on your back. (sort of)

There is one thing though, see that leg thing/squeezer...that's a torture device. One of the chairs I use has that leg thing and it %#^@ hurts! It just uses airbags to squeeze until you yell and still won't let go. It would be great if there were rollers in the leg feature and not Python's.