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Saucy Coder Scheduled His Github Activity to Spell Out "BUTTS"

Illustration for article titled Saucy Coder Scheduled His Github Activity to Spell Out BUTTS

Github, a wildly popular social network for coders and their open-source creations, likes to keep track of what you're doing around its little corner of the internet. And one Belgian coder took advantage of this fact in the most phenomenal way possible—by spelling out "BUTTS."


The brilliant prankster, Steve De Jonghe, apparently has quite an affinity for the more shenanigan-oriented aspects of the coding community, his appreciation for Wes Bos' April Fools CSS being a prime example. Still, his BUTTS work will forever be number one in our minds and in our hearts. [@textfiles]

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i really wish that for the rest of the day the internet was more great nerd jokes like this and less about dumb racist celebrities