Saudi Prince Dropping $475 Million on Airbus A380

The mystery baron who's dropping $475 million on an Airbus A380, the biggest commercial aircraft in existence, has been revealed. It's none other than everyone's favorite member of the Saudi royal family, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud. Oh Alwaleed, you were always the crazy one in the family! He already owns a 747, so I guess the A380 is what he'll take when he wants to fly somewhere and really make an impression. Oh, and in case you were curious, the average income in Saudi Arabia is $17,000, making this purchase equal to the yearly salaries of 27,941 Saudis. [FlightGlobal (Thanks Jason!)]

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Wow, it's a similar scene to when I signed the loan papers for my new car, except that it involves about 20,000 times more money, and he walks away with a much bigger shit-eating grin than I did. Although I got to drive off in my new ride, while all he gets for the next several years is that little scale model sitting on the table. Loser!