Save $100 on One of the Most Rugged Hard Drives on the Market

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The Fourth of July is right around the corner and nothing says "America" like burgers, brews, and unbridled family photography. Help your dad prepare for digital versions of the latter by stocking up on 500GB of space on the ioSafe® Rugged Portable Hard Drive, regularly priced at $249.99 but now available for $149.99 at RadioShack.

Its Full Metal Jacket™ Technology keeps it from getting crushed under the weight of up to 5,000 pounds and the Full Suspension Drive™ means Dad can drop it from 10 feet and not lose a thing. Even uploading by the pool won't be a problem since its HydroSafe™ protection saves data even in full submersion up to 10 feet for as many as 72 hours in fresh or salt water.

Even better, every ioSafe Rugged Portable HD comes with a one-year No-Hassle warranty and one year of Data Recovery Service, meaning if it breaks for whatever reason, ioSafe will fix or replace it, and if you lose your data for whatever reason, they will recover it from your drive.


Doesn't Dad deserve extra hard drive space and the inner peace that comes with knowing even his own kids can't break the presents they've given him? Click here to order him a gift he'll surely not forget. And if you find youself exeedingly envious of all of his glorious storage space, check out RadioShack's entire assortment of ioSafe hard drives here.