Save the Trees With Webster's USB New World Dictionary

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To hell with paper—save the trees! Sony has already got us thinking along the right path, and now Centon Electronics is releasing Webster's New World College dictionary, with 160,000 entries, on a USB flash drive. The perk here is the dictionary will be available on either a 2GB or 4GB flash drive at $42.99 and $64.99, respectively. As only 140MB is used to store all those sexy words, the extra space is yours to use and abuse. The asking prices may be a tad steep, but that's the price you pay to look cool and have a dictionary on your USB stick. Save the trees, man. [Product Page via Oh Gizmo via Uberreview]

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Im guessing that there will be a software that initiates when you plug it in like the Sandisk U3 series. And i'm guessing that there will be frequent updates to the dictionary as in translator, synonyms, etc.

If that's bundled in then that rocks. They should make a version of these in Micro SD so i can put in my phone and look @ my phone when i dont know a word or while im taking a test :-P