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Movember (formerly known as November) is nearly upon us! Sign up here for this charity moustache-growing competition, then document the mind-boggling transformation of every hair on your upper lip using the Pepsi Max Mo-Mento Maker Facebook app.

Pepsi Max is a proud sponsor of Movember, and their app will create a time-lapse video of your moustache growing. Just take pictures of your progress as often as you like to make your amazing moustache movie. Post the video to your wall for all to see, jealousy ensues, and your friends clamor to get in on the fun. A little healthy competition can only strengthen a Facebook friendship.


And it's for a good cause: raising funds and awareness for the most serious of men's health issues, prostate and testicular cancer.

So sign up for Movember here, and relish your last days of clean-shaven-ness. It's about to get real hairy up in here.

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