Scarlett Johansson Is A Superpowered Genius In The First Lucy Trailer

We've been waiting to see Scarlett Johansson gain superpowers and go on an ass-kicking spree in Luc Besson's Lucy. Now the first trailer is here and it looks like the visual spectacle we've been hoping for.


It seems the movie does rely on the pseudoscientific claim that human beings only use ten percent of their brains. Otherwise, though, Lucy looks wonderfully insane as Johansson goes from a drug mule at the mercy of her captors to a superhuman with remarkable control over her body and a diminishing capacity for mercy. Plus, we get Morgan Freeman as the neuroscientist who attempts to understand what is going on with Lucy's brain.

[via Comic Book Movie]



I've decided I'm just going to ignore the science. And I'm glad they put all that in the trailer, because if I go into this movie planning on ignoring the science then I can enjoy the madcap fun of it. If I hadn't know, and watched this, I would have spent too much time being annoyed.

I'm going to pretend this is urban fantasy with magic rather than science. It works great if you think that she's just accessed some crazy form of magic that has been denied to humans cause it's too much for them.