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Even if you're the forgetful type who's always prone to losing their keys, there's a good chance your smartphone never gets misplaced. After all, how could you ever risk missing a single tweet or Instagram update? So Schlage is introducing a new electronic door lock called the Sense that adds Bluetooth alongside a glowing keypad allowing you to use your smartphone as a wireless front door key when your hands are too full to type.


Available later this year, the Schlage Sense lock will work alongside a free app allowing homeowners to create and manage up to 30 unique keypad codes that can be electronically sent to people you want to have access to your home. The codes can even be individually scheduled if you prefer someone to only be able to get in during a set time, or if you want it to expire after a few days. And every time a code is used the time and date is recorded so homeowners have a complete history of how often they're being used.

The app also allows keyless entry to a home without ever having to remember or punch in an access code, and it can even be used to monitor the lock's battery life without requiring the hardware to be connected to a larger home automation or security system. Schlage also claims the Sense can be easily installed by just a single person, and if you've lost both your phone and your memory, you can of course still get in using the key you keep hidden beneath the welcome mat. [Schlage]


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