I am not a huge fan of time travel science fiction. These cinematic escapades can quickly devolve into a mess of questions. Who was where? When? And How? But this sci-fi short film, ReCURSION, seems to share and also bask in my frustration.


This 20-minute film looks into the life of Sherwin, a crackpot inventor and terrible Best Man who decides to travel back in time to help hunt for the wedding ring he's left behind. The whole film is kind of like a funny and more straightforward Primer with the bits of "avoiding your past self" shenanigans that made BTTF2 so enjoyable.

ReCURSION went on the festival circuit for much of 2014 and won tons of different accolades, but for the past week you've been able to glimpse this short film for free via Vimeo. It's worth the brief pause from your Sunday. [Vimeo]

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