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Science Bridges Life and Death in This Stunning Astronaut Art

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Australian artist Jeremy Geddes is incomprehensibly talented. His paintings are the type you’d see in an art gallery and know you can never afford. Even the print versions are like that. But this week, he’s releasing his latest piece so anyone can buy it.

The piece is called “Foundation” and, like much of Geddes’ work, features an astronaut. In this piece, though, the astronaut holds flowers in one hand and a skull in the others. Is he saying science is the bridge between life and death? Obviously, it’s open to interpretation.


This stunning work—which only looks photo-realistic but is actually a painting—will be on sale December 3, starting at 5pm EST, for 24 hours. They’ll make as many giclees as are sold in that time. It measures about 24 inches x 29 inches and costs about $168, which is $230 AUS. You can get it here on Thursday.


To see more of Geddes’ amazing work, visit his website.

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