Scientific Test: The Most Accurate Smartphone Touchscreen

Some people said that Moto Development Group's original touchscreen accuracy tests were unreliable because there were done by a human. Their solution? Use an industrial robot with precise constant pressure and speed. And the winner is...


The iPhone still retains its crown as King of the smartphone touchscreens, with the Nexus One in a distant second.

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The robot has spoken. [Moto]


Too bad both the test and the article's point AREN'T valid!

"The Most Accurate Smartphone Touchscreen" test only had CAPACITIVE touchscreen models tested, except of course for the Blackberry which doesn't have a "touchscreen" at all in the conventional sense (it uses SurePress).

Therefore the correct title of this test is "The Most Accurate Capacitive Touchscreen-equipped Smartphone" because resistive touchscreen models WERE NOT INCLUDED IN THE TEST.