Scientists Develop Artery Scurrying Micro Robot

Illustration for article titled Scientists Develop Artery Scurrying Micro Robot

The boffins at Chonnam National University have created a microscopic robot to be used in medical procedures to clear blocked arteries. The minuscule robot has six legs and walks in the same manner as a crab. The researchers have discovered the robot is capable of traveling a whopping 55 yards in three weeks.


The tiny warrior, on reaching the designated location, is able to release stored drugs to disintegrate the blockage. The awesome medical tool doesn't even need a built-in energy source. The main body is rectangular, the three hind legs are longer than the three legs at the front, by attaching to heart muscle the legs bend at the time of cardiac contraction propelling the machine forwards. Sugars in the patient's blood provide an alternative energy source. (How crazy is that?!) Testing has not yet begun, but is due soon.

All in all, this paves the way for the fall of the human race. We've suspected for a while that robots would wipe us out, but we just didn't think it would be the nanobots that would do the trick. We honestly didn't. [Telegraph via Raw Feed, image (not related) via turbosquid]




nice bebop reference!