ScoreCleaner Notes: Instantly Compose Whatever Tune Pops Into Your Head

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Whether you're a virtuoso musician or the tone-deaf bane of karaoke night, there's probably been at least one point in your life where you've felt almost certain that the little ditty you just randomly hummed could be the song to end all songs. But just as quickly as these blasts of inspiration hit us, they'll slip away into nothingness no matter how hard we try to grasp on. With ScoreCleaner Notes for iOS, though, you'll be able to turn your every musical vision into an eternal tune, be it for better or worse.


What does it do?

Developed by Sven Emtell as part of his computer engineering master's degree at Stockholm Music University, the app allows you to notate any song you sing without any musical background required. Simply hum the tune into the device's microphone, and the app will immediately display the notated version on the screen with accompanying key, tempo, and time signature. You're then free to share your masterpiece over the social media sites of your choice.

Why do we like it?

Simply humming a tune from memory is highly unreliable, and even if you make a voice recording, it's near impossible to recreate your exact original intent. When a tune is written out, however, you're providing yourself or the music-maker of your choice with a perfectly laid out map into your mind's musical ambitions. And while you don't necessarily need to know how to read music to use the app, for those that do, a handy directory offers the first few notes of each piece so you can find what you're looking for and quickly.

ScoreCleaner Notes, Download this app for: iOS, $1

The Best: No musical experience required... technically

The Worst: Written music not quite as useful after the fact if you can't, you know, read it



I just record myself humming and write it out later. I don't see the point in anyone who doesn't read music using this. It's pointless for someone to write out a part of a song if they have no means or intelligence to do anything with it.