Cannabis to Stay on Schedule One

An federal appeals court put the kibosh on rescheduling cannabis today after a majority decision by the three-judge panel found in favor of the DEA.


In October, Americans for Safe Access sued the DEA on behalf of an Air Force vet who was denied services for smoking herb prescribed by his doctor. The ASA asserted that the DEA had ignored a growing amount of research indicating the drug's potential in medicine, which would have removed it from Schedule One status. However, according to the majority decision, "We find nothing in the record that could move us to conclude that the agency failed to prove by substantial evidence that such studies confirming marijuana's medical efficacy do not exist."

That's not to say that cannabis does or doesn't have potential medical uses, only that the DEA had operated within its authority in declining to reschedule weed with the current amount of available "adequate and well-controlled" research. Which would, of course, be a lot easier to perform were it not for the highly restrictive prohibition that comes with Schedule One status. [NBC News - Image: WilleeCole/Shutterstock]


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