Scosche reVIVE II Dual USB Charger Can Charge Your iPad

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The iPad won't charge with all USB chargers. But that's because your USB chargers are weak. The reVIVE II Dual USB Charger can charge both your iPad and your other weakling gadget. The reVIVE II is not weak.

The Scosche reVIVE II Dual USB Charger comes in two different models, one for your car and one for your home. Both models come with a 2.1 Amp USB port and a 1 Amp USB port. We'll let you guess which port can charge the iPad.

The ports look different enough but if you're still an idiot and plug in your iPad into the 1A USB port, Scosche promises that it won't ruin it, it'll just charge half as slow. Likewise, you can plug your iPhone, Blackberry, or any other USB powered device into the 2.1A USB port and it won't do any damage to your beloved device. But sorry Speedy Gonzalez, plugging in the 2.1A USB port won't make your iPhone charge twice as fast, it'll go at the same rate. You can pre-order the Scosche reVIVE II now and it'll arrive late Spring. [Scosche]

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Car version: $24.99

Home vesion: $29.99

For those who won't RTFA.