The original solBAT was a neat idea—a backup battery that charged through an integrated solar panel, which in turn charged any USB device. The solBAT II is the same thing, but it charges devices even faster.

Mounting to a window thanks to some suction cups, or hooking to pretty much anything with a clip, the 1500mA solBAT II puts out 5V through USB, which is enough throughput to charge your iPhone as quickly as you can from the wall.


For $30 (available soon), I'm willing to give the solBAT II a shot. Something about the prospect of free solar power still feels way more sci fi to me than it probably should at this day and age. [Scosche]

Note: In an old version of this post, we mixed up the solBAT and the solCHAT. We've amended this error. The old solBAT was $30 as well.