Scrabble Twist Ditches the Tiles So It's Easier To Play On the Go

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If you're hoping to quench your spelling lust while away from home, there are countless app versions of Scrabble you can download for smartphones and tablets. But Hasbro knows that part of the fun of board games is playing with others in the same room, so it's created an electronic portable version of the game called Scrabble Twist that has you competing against others to unscramble five random letters into words.

Available this fall for just $20, Scrabble Twist features five tiny touch-sensitive LCD screens that each show a randomly-generated letter at the start of a round. Players then need to use those letters to tap out an actual word, as long as they can make it, before twisting a handle to 'lock' it in place and handing the game to the next competitor.

Words are automatically proofed and scored so there's no need to keep a dictionary on hand to settle disputes. And Scrabble Twist also includes a one-player mode to help commuters and travellers kill time while honing their mastery of the english language—or at least a five-letter word vocabulary. [Hasbro via Mashable]


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