Screw-On Metal Legs Turn Any Pile of Crap Into a Comfortable Seat

There's good news if you haven't gotten around to taking that giant stack of newspapers to the recycling center. Instead of slowly working towards a starring role in an episode of Hoarders, you can re-purpose that refuse into stylish and functional furniture.

A designer by the name of WenchuMan came up with the idea of the laYOURs, a clever play on the word 'layers' since it allows you to turn stacks of newspapers, magazines, wood, and probably even clothing into seats, stools, and tables. The functionality most certainly varies depending on what material you assemble it with, and it goes without saying that you'll need to find yourself a drill to pierce some holes for the legs to thread through. But if it ever goes on sale, you'll never need to visit Ikea again as long as your stack of empty pizza boxes doesn't run out.


[WenchuMan via designboom]

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