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Scroll Through Everything That Happens in One Second on the Internet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There have been countless previous attempts to impress upon us the sheer, absurd mass of, well, things happening on the internet at any given moment. What with all the hundreds of millions of people online Facebooking and Skyping and blogging and Tumbling and Tweeting and god knows what else, it's a pretty consistently impressive display. But just seeing the numbers will never be quite the same as actually seeing each individual action laid out in front of us—which is why this website showing you everything that happens on the internet every second will make your head spin.


From Reddit votes to Tumblr posts to Facebook likes, the website visualizes each individual click, giving you a much more accurate sense of scale. As you scroll down the page, you'll see a handful up upvotes, a bevy of likes, until finally you hit the neverending stream of emails—which seem to go on practically forever. You almost start to forget that all this happening simultaneously in one measly little second. Why, in just 20 seconds of being on the site there were 33,333,320 emails sent—that's insane. Check it out for yourself here. [ via Digg]