Scuba diver almost gets swallowed by 49-foot whale

This 49-foot (15 meter) Bryde's whale came close to accidentally swallowing diver Rainer Schimpf off the coat of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The whale appeared right under Rainer, going up mouth open, swimming at full speed to catch as many fish as she could.

Schimpf was underwater watching the annual sardine run, a natural event that involves billions of sardines going from one place to another for their reproductive season. Unexpectedly, the whale appeared seemingly out of nowhere from the bottom of the ocean. According to Barcroft TV, the "giant mammal swerved at the last moment to avoid smacking directly into him"—but the water displaced still sent him flying.

So yeah, kids, don't dive in areas where huge animals that could accidentally eat you feed on lots of food swimming around you.


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