Seagate's New GoFlex Desk Is the First Ever 4TB Hard Drive

Illustration for article titled Seagates New GoFlex Desk Is the First Ever 4TB Hard Drive

Seagate is still pushing their GoFlex Desk line as hard as they can. After releasing the first 3TB external drive last year, they're raising the bar with their new 4TB beast.


This year's model gotten a bit of a makeover as well, looking slimmer and trimmer than its older sibling. The PC model supports USB 3.0 out of the box, but the soon-to-be released Mac version will support USB 2.0 and FireWire 800 instead. $250. [9to5 Mac via The Next Web]

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lorem ipson

You either have to have a legit digital based business (video editor) or you have things you wouldn't want other people to see. It could be your "collection", or torrented files, or ripped blue rays. Even if you did have something to hide, why put all those rotten eggs in one basket. I'd rather have four 1TB drives in RAID keeping things safe than get a single 4TB drive. Who has or needs that much stuff?