Secrets from WWDC's iPhone Development Session

The University of Washington posted an overview of what went on at a WWDC conference about the iPhone's browsing capabilities and how to design for them. Many of the details we already knew, but there are some new bits about how far iPhone's Safari will go.

• Full PDF support
• Apple claims most sites are already formated for the iPhone
• Max page size is 10mb
• Javascript runtime limited to 5 seconds & 10mb
• Only 8 documents can load at once
• Links to movies will automatically switch the iPhone into full-screen playback
•Best video aspect ration is 480x360
• No streaming video support from streaming media servers. Media must be installed on servers.


But what if you don't want to modify your site at all? What will the iPhone be able to do on your site then?

-double tap for zoom in - one finger as a mouse used to pan page - press and hold to display the information bubble - two fingers as a mouse used to - pinch content to shrink - zoom out - pan page - scroll wheel events - new telephone links allows you to integrate phone calls directly from your webpage. Remember this is only on Safari. - built in Google maps client for integrated mapping from your website

Apple WWDC iPhone Development [University of Washington via Macrumors]

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