Security Camera System Busts Homeless Woman Who Lived Undetected in a Man's Closet For a Year

Illustration for article titled Security Camera System Busts Homeless Woman Who Lived Undetected in a Mans Closet For a Year

A homeless woman in Japan was recently busted by the police for trespassing after the man who had been unknowingly harboring her began to notice that food was disappearing from his kitchen. To discover the source of the problem, he had security cameras installed that transmitted images to his cellphone. It wasn't long before the cameras captured someone moving in his home, so he called the police who proceeded to thoroughly search the premises. They eventually found a woman cowering in the closet who later revealed that she had been living there for a year.

If that wasn't enough, the woman even placed a mattress she found in the closet and took regular showers. So what is the deal here? Is this guy's house and closet so big that he simply never ran into her? Or his he just unobservant? Either way, I would have the police comb the area one more time. He could have a whole freakin' village tucked away in there. [SFGate]

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Mr. Wilson, Reluctant Pumpkin King Incarnate

Eh, it was a 58 year-old, so that leaves no possible theory he's a Japanese Quagmire. For an middle aged woman, she sounds pretty sneaky! But of course there's nearly no chance it'd be someone who's scary-pretty.

Hrmh, wish there was pretty homeless teenage girls around here, I'd like some company! But putting all 3 together kills my chances, now doesn't it? Or is it 4- no, 5 if you can't I want a sane one!