Uber has made hailing a cab as easy as pushing a button, saving countless passengers from wandering the streets in search of a ride. There are still some gaps in the Uber experience though—and Up Hail is happy to plug one of them.

It’s a price comparison service for ride-hailing services, but you can actually use the site as a way to see how far you can get on a specific budget in an Uber (or a Lyft). Open up the left-hand menu, click on Discover (which is actually still in beta), and the next screen lets you set a starting point, a service, and a budget. The red circle that appears is how far you can get, roughly.


The feature doesn’t take into account surcharges, so you’re going to need to factor those in yourself, but it does give you a handy estimate as to how far you can get with the money you’ve got left in your bank account (and it does include current traffic conditions). You can also use it to weigh up the value of an Uber as opposed to other forms of transport.

[Hat tip MakeUseOf]

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