Facebook and Uber continue their unstoppable global takeovers with a new partnership, announced today. You can now call for an Uber ride from within the Facebook Messenger app.

Tap on an address in a Messenger thread, and up pops “Request a Ride” alongside the familiar “Copy,” “Open in Google Maps,” etc. Or, simply tap the new car icon. From there, you can get a quote and updates from your driver, all within Messenger. Then, voila! Hop in, and drive another nail into the coffin of your city’s public transportation infrastructure.


There’s obviously a reason to be a little skeptical about the future of this partnership, since both Uber and Facebook are massive profit-hungry corporations. Might we eventually see targeted Facebook ads based on the places we go? Too early to tell, but for now, you can test out the new service in select US cities before it rolls out elsewhere. Your first ride is free.



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