See the Last 20 Years of the Whole World in the Biggest Timelapse Yet

Google Earth wasn't around until about 2005, but with the power of archival satellite footage, Google's whipped up the most comprehensive timelapse known to man, covering the past 20 years of Earth. The ultimate, beautiful conclusion of this little project? Dope GIFs.


A joint effort between Google, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), NASA and TIME, the new Timelapse project was born out of a collection of 2,068,467 images—909 terabytes of data—that span the entire world and date back to 1984. Google took the cream of that crop, and stitched them together into enormous, yearly, 1.78 terapixel images to make a truly global timelapse.

You can explore a completely navigable, timelapsing globe over on Google's website for the project, but Google's picked out a few for GIF-ification, about half of which show urban expansion, while the other half show the environmental cost. It's got to be the most massive—and impressive—timelapse in human history. Too bad so much of it is a bummer. [The Official Google Blog via The Verge]

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Alex Gonzalez

this site has gone GIF crazy since the kinja version came out... *smh*