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Seeing Google Glass from a Toddler's Perspective Is So Adorable

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The best thing about Google Glass might be its ability to give anyone a perspective they never see anymore. Whether it's the intensity of playing hockey or uh, the weirdness of being someone else in the shower, it's like a less obtrusive GoPro camera seeing what people's eyes see. This might be the best perspective though: a toddler.


Google Glass from the eyes of a toddler is just absolutely adorable. Chris Angelini attached Google Glass to his two-year-old and let his kid go wild with it. You can see the world as he sees it: fresh, curious, low to the ground and in desperate need of juice (preferably through a cup with a straw). It's so honest.

Angelini's two-year-old's reactions on Google Glass range from "Mom! Look at my cool glasses!" to "cool gwasses" to "I'm done. They're hot". It's nice to be a kid again and be just as amazed with apple juice, Lego, footballs and Google Glass. [Chris Angelini via Digg Videos]